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Friday, October 12, 2012

USD 35 Million Lottery

 Lottery Winner of USD 35 Million

We understand that Astrological influences could lead us to a miserable life but it also could make us fortunate out of sudden as well. The following chart clearly explains how the heavenly bodies made someone to be a millionaire overnight.
This is the chart of medical secretary who also need to work part-time night jobs with the mission of sending her two teenage children to college. However, on the eventful night of Oct 26, 1996, the Big Game Lottery quick pick tickets she bought a week ago made her escape from her daily struggling life and turned her to be millionaire within overnight.

(Note: This chart has been posted as a blind Chart in SATVA  list before)

Let’s See How the planetary combination and configuration work out for her.....through her Natal chart and Transit Chart.

Birth Data: 24/04/1950, 4:45 AM, Methuen, MA
Asc: Aries 6 degree 31 min.

Throughout my method of Analysis, I am just simply using following rule:
-         8th house, Mulatrikona lord of H8 and/or planet placed at 8th house are the significator of sudden unexpected gain.
-         9th house, Mulatrikona lord of H9 and/or planet placed at 9th house are the significator of easy gain.
-         Rahu is the node which trigger the unexpected event (depending on other situation it effect might be positive or negative)
-         The strength and impact of the functional benefic and functional malefic planets are based on the SA method, however, the quantitative measure are somewhat different. (You can learn SA method from the SA website and I am not going to elaborate here)

  Natal Analysis (Planetary influence to planet and houses)

(1)   For this native, there is no Mulatrikona lord for 8th house and no planet are residing at 8th house.
(2)   Mulatrikona lord for 9th house, the significator of easy gain is the Jupiter, the planet of fortune. And the Jupiter placed at 11th house (the house of gain, prosperity, and income). Overall strength of Jupiter is quite strong as well. This is good placement for the Jupiter as the functional Benefic planet
(3)   Again, the 9th house has been aspected by the Planet Mars by 77% (the Mulatrikona lord of Lagna (Ascendant) which is residing at 6th House. Mars and 6th house are both representing the accident. Now, here is the Good question come!!
(4)   Will Mars be harmful for the native? Let’s analyze it!!! First, Mars is the mulatrikona lord of Ascendant, even though it is placed at the 6th house. Again, the lord of its placement (dispositor) is The Sun, (mulatrikona lord of H5, house of gambling). Again, Mars is at the Sagittarius sign at the Navamsa whose lord is the Jupiter, significator of Sudden Gain, planet of fortune. Moreover, the Nakshatra lord of Mars is also the Sun (mulatrikona lord of H5, house of gambling again) since it is located at Uttara Phalguni. 
(5)   Again, the 8th house, the house of sudden gain has been 76% aspected by the Rahu which always triggers the unexpected event.  Will the Rahu, one of the functional malefic planet give her the good surprise or terrible outcome??? This is also a very interesting point. Rahu placing itself at the 12th house, house of  expenditure, but not at the Most effective point. Ruler of its placement is the Jupiter, the planet of fortune, significator of sudden gain, again. And its Nakshatra lord is the Saturn which is placed at 5th house, house gambling and it is also the Mulatrikona lord of 11th house, house of gain. So, it is clearly showing us that this mysterious Rahu will give her a fortune.
(6)   The most important fact is that, the Planet Jupiter, Mulatrikona lord for 9th house, the significator of easy gain has been strongly influencing the House 3, 5, 7, 11 by 98% strength.
(7)   After analyzing the Natal chart of this native, and judging by the configuration of all the dominant planet., we can conclude that this native will possess the wealth by sudden unexpected gain.

Dasa Analysis
(1)   The event was happened during the period of Ketu-Jupiter-Venus Dasa.
(2)   The most important sub-period Lord is the Planet Jupiter, Mulatrikona lord for 9th house, the significator of easy gain, the planet of fortune which is residing at 11th house (the house of gain, prosperity, and income).  Its strength is also quite strong.
(3)   The Dasa analysis shows that this is the time the native is going to get paid-off from her past good karma.

Transit Analysis (Planetary influence to planet and houses) Triple Transit Triggering
In this Analysis, it will be very accurate to analyse in 3 ways as:
-         Transit to Transit Analysis
-         Transit to Natal Analysis
-         Natal to Transit Analysis

  Transit –Transit Analysis (Planetary influence to planet)
 (1)   The Transit Mercury, which is the Mulatrikona lord for 6th house, normally responsible for the accident is influencing on Lagna, The transit Sun and The Transit Moon.
(2)   How would will interpret this situation. Will she involved in an accident?
(3)   According to my extensive research on the lottery winners and accident victims, there are many similarities in their charts.
(4)   Lottery winning is also a form of accident but on the bright side.  However, her lagana (Ascendant) has been strongly supported by Transit Sun and Transit Moon on that duration. Again, there is no affliction on her Ascendant in her natal chart.
(5)   Another finding is that, the Natal mercury, which is the Mulatrikona lord for 6th house is receiving the very strong support from Transit Sun, mulatrikona lord of 5th house, in other words, house of gambling, by 92% and Transit Moon, the mulatrikona lord of 4th House, i.e the house of happiness, by 99%. So, the possibility of accident tragedy has been rule out.
(6)   Again, the Saturn, which is the Mulatrikona lord for 11th house, the house of gain has been 93% influence from Mars, mulatrikona lord of Ascendant, by 86 % from Venus , Mulatrikona lord of H7, and 83% influence from Rahu, the manipulator of unexpected event.
(7)   Compiling all the fact, the Transit-Transit analysis also comes up with Accidental Income. Hence, the accident came to her but not with the tragedy facet.

Transit –Natal, Analysis (Planetary influence to planets & Houses)

(1)   The Transit Mercury, which is the Mulatrikona lord for 6th house, normally responsible for the accident is influencing on the Natal Sun by 87%. However, Natal Sun has received the strength of 99% from Transit Sun, 94% from Transit Moon and 74% from the Transit Jupiter. So, the bad effects are cancelled off.
(2)   The most important factor for lottery winning comes from the facts that the Mulatrikona lord of 9th house, the house of sudden gain has been 91% aspected by Transit Mars (Mulatrikona lord of Ascendant), and the 9th house has been aspected by Transit Saturn, the mulatrikona lord of 11th house, house of gain and prosperity
(3)   Moreover, Transit Saturn, the mulatrikona lord of 11th house, house of wealth, has simultaneously influencing the House 2 (the house of income), the House 6 (the house of accident), the house 9 (the house of easy gain).
(4)   Again, the Transit-to- Natal analysis is showing that the native is going to get accidental income that will make her wealthy.

Natal- Transit, Analysis (Planetary influence to planets)

(1)   The Transit Sun, which is the Mulatrikona lord for 5th house,  house of gambling, is almost exactly aspected by Natal Sun. Again, The Natal Jupiter, Mulatrikona lord for 9th house, the significator of easy gain and planet of fortune, is exactly aspecting the Transit Sun.
(2)   Again, The Transit Mercury, which is the Mulatrikona lord for 6th house, normally responsible for the accident is under the combined influence of Natal Sun, (Mulatrikona lord for 5th house)  by 87%, Natal Jupiter (Mulatrikona lord for 9th house, the significator of easy gain and planet of fortune) by 95%. So, It again make us clear that accidental sudden gain.

The native, who has been juggling the jobs for the sake of family, received the USD 35 million present from heaven for her past karma when the right time came by.

Obama (OR) Mitt Romney (U.S Election 2012) ??

As everyone knows The U.S Election is around the corner and people are curious about who will become the Next President of United States.
  • Is it going to be Mitt Romney?
  • Or is it going to be his Second Term for President Obama?
Trying to figure out who will be next President, using their Natal Charts, proves to be very challenging, since the authenticity of their Birth data is in question for the people in the public life.
  • Was Obama born in the Honolulu, Hawaii as per his Birth Certificate?
  • Or was he really born in Kenya as many people stated?
The purpose of this article is not to reassert where he was born. Analyses are based on the official birth data and try to figure out “Is it the Horoscope of President?” and what we can learn from this?

After studying the past events, if they are astrologically fit, the horoscope deems to be correct and predict the future based on this birth data.

In my article, you may encounter the term “Planetary Strength”, it is calculated using my MOTAA method which is somewhat similar to “Shadbala or Six fold strength of Planets” in the classical astrology texts.

There is another term called “Planetary Influence” which is for the measurement of intensity exerted to the other planets or Midpoint of the houses by the particular planet, using with Vedic Conjunction and Aspects.

Again, there is “Malefic Planet (MP)” and “Benefic Planet (BP)”. In MOTAA way of analysis, the planets are considered as their attribute, characteristic of the House which they Rule as the Moola- Trigona Lord.

So, the Lord of 6th House (H6), 8th house (H8), 12th house (H12) are treated as Malefic Planets (MP), receiving their influence is regarded as affliction.
The rest of the planets which are NOT the lord of Malefic Houses, they are considered Benefic Planets (BP).

However, I am not here to explain step-by-step calculation of the “MOTAA Planetary Strength” which needs intensive efforts and lengthy calculation.
For the Planetary Influence, please see the below graph.
The concept of MOTAA is explained in Myanmar in the link
 When the particular Planet’s conjunction/ aspect points is closer to other planet’s position or the Midpoint of the houses, the intensity (the Planetary Influence) over the other planets or houses becomes stronger. At the 0 degree of angular separation, there will be 100% intensity (influence).
Now, let’s study the President Obama’s birth Charts and see what are the influences during his 2008 U.S Election.

The Natal Analysis for President Obama

The President Obama was born as the Capricorn Ascendant with Taurus Moon as in the Vedic Horoscope.
The Sun, The Lord of House 8 placed at the Friendly Sign Cancer (7th House) while it is at the Sagittarius Navamsa ruled by Jupiter, Ashlesha Nakshatra ruled by Mercury. Possessing 130% Planetary Strength and there is no affliction of Malefic planets.

The Moon, the Lord of 7th House, is at the Sign of Exaltation, Taurus (even though it is enemy sign) (5th House). While at the Navamsa of Aries ruled by Mars, as well as the Rohini Nakshatra which is ruled by the Moon. Still it has 96% Strength however under the (-87%) influence of the Malefic Jupiter (the Lord of H12).

Mars, which is The Lord of 4th House, located at Leo (8th House), at the Sagittarius Navamsa ruled by Jupiter and at the Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra ruled by The Sun. The Mars possesses 109% in strength and there is no affliction of malefic planets

Mercury, as the Lord of 9th House for Capricorn Ascendant, find its place at friendly sign Cancer (6th House), at the Virgo Navamsa ruled by itself and Pushya Nakshatra ruled by Saturn. Without the Benefic influence, however, afflicted -95% by Malefic Jupiter (the Lord of H12).

The Lord of 2nd House, Jupiter is at the debilitated Sign Capricorn (12th House), at its own Pisces Navamsa and Uttara Ashadha Nakshatra ruled by the Sun, and there is NO affliction.

Venus, Lord of 10th House is at the friendly sign Gemini (5th House), Sagittarius Navamsa ruled by Jupiter and at the Ardra Nakshatra ruled by Rahu. It is considered weak for its 13% Natal Planetary Strength with afflicted -66% by Malefic Planet Ketu. No beneficial influence is also present.

Saturn, The Lord of 12th house, at its own sign Capricorn (12th House), at the Same Vargotamma Navamsa Capricorn, and at Uttara Ashadha Nakshatra ruled by the Sun. Owning 80% strength and NO affliction from any malefic planets.

The Transit Planet Analysis for President Obama (2008 Election)

During the Presidential Election in 2008, Obama is running at Jupiter-Moon-Mercury Dasa.
This contribute the fact he had to struggle a lot.

From the Planetary Aspect, Natal interplanetary influence,
The Jupiter (the lord of 12th house) influencing the Moon, and the Mercury (the lord of 9th house) with (-87.5) % and (-95.4) % respectively.
Mercury, the lord of 9th House supporting its benefic influence to the Jupiter (the lord of 12 house) with (95.4) % influence.
The Venus receives the Ketu’s bad influence (-65.9) %

The Natal Planetary Influence to the Houses.
This is quite interesting part, since you can obviously see the Multiple Benefic influences and malefic influences over the Obama’s Houses.
Mars (The Lord of 4th House) influencing the Mid point of Second House (H2), The Mid point of Third House (H3) , The Mid point of Eight House (H8) and The Midpoint of Eleventh House (H11).
The house of desire (H2) and the house of Gain, receive the Good influence made his situation better.

The Transit Planets influences over the Natal Planets on 04/11/2008
At the time of previous election, the Transit Rahu, and Transit Ketu afflicting the Natal Sun (-99) % respectively.  This makes him very tough fight as well. However, the Natal Mars receive the benefic power from the Transit Saturn (the Lord of H2) 67.8%.
At the same time, the Transit Moon, the Lord of seventh house (H7), showered its lights on the midpoint of H6 and H12 with (99.7) %.

However, there was the Presidential stress, but, it did not stop him from winning race.

Mitt Romney in Serious Accident 

Survivors recall tragic car crash in France with Romney
BERNOS-BEAULAC, France — The mission car was packed that day.
The president of the Mormon mission to France, H. Duane Anderson, was eager to get out to visit congregations after a difficult May in which travel in France had been severely limited because a general strike had caused a gasoline shortage.
A dispute had developed in the small Mormon congregation in Pau, in southern France, and Anderson thought he should pay a call. So he took his wife and two missionaries along, and on the way they picked up a French Mormon couple in Bordeaux.
There were six people in a car that would comfortably seat five, but otherwise it was an ordinary drive that happened to turn tragic.
On the way back from Pau, the car was hit head-on and Anderson's wife, Leola, was killed.
Anderson's driver, a 21-year-old missionary named Mitt Romney, is now a leading candidate for the Republican nomination for president of the United States, with the June 16, 1968, accident one of his rare dark moments.
Romney, who was seriously injured in the crash and was momentarily feared dead, has long said there was nothing he could have done to avoid the tragedy.
Let’s study the Planetary Configuration at the time this fatal accident.

The Planetary Influence on the Mitt Romney’s Bava (Houses) at the day of Accident.

Since Mitt Romney has the Ascendant of Taurus 7:54, this the mid point of his Houses, Planet located on that degree will have impact on his Houses.
On that day, the Mars is at the Gemini 3:16, and the Jupiter is at the Leo 6:41 as in Sidereal position.
The fact is the Mars normally accounted for the Accident, blood shed and violence, is also the Malefic Planet for Mr. Romney because of being the Lord of 12th house.
Again, the Jupiter, most traditional people considered it as the benefic planet, is the Lord of 8th house, which signify “Death”, and “Death Like experience”.

Here is what happen,
The Mars, Lord of H12 is now afflicting the H2, H5, H8 and H9 simultaneously with the impact of (-64.2) %.
Travelling, fatal accident, the bloodshed can be seen here.
The Jupiter, the Lord of 8th house, H4, H8, H10 and H12. With very strong influence of (-96.8) %
Serious Accident and Vehicle can be seen here.

Why did he Survive?
There is NO malefic planetary influence on his Life giving Planets, such as the Sun, the Moon and His Lagna (H1).
That made him survive in that ordeal.
It seems that the birth data of Mitt Romney deems to be correct.

President Obama in 2012 Election

There are good and bad situations mixed during the 2012 Election for Obama.
The Moon, the Mercury, and the Jupiter received the beneficial from benefic planets while there is some bad influence from malefic planets as well.
When we study his Houses (Bava) the Transit Jupiter, which is Lord of H12 for Obama, is simultaneously afflicting the H1, H5, H9 and H11. This makes his life tough again. He may not seem to be very well leading.

Mitt Romney in 2012 Election 

In Mitt Romney’s Chart, all houses receive favorable influences from Benefic Planets.
However, the Sun and Moon and Jupiter are in serious affliction as well.
He may seem to be leading, but it is still hard to materialize the event of being president while the important planets are in serious affliction.
Again, the most important roles is played by his very own natal chart which is not as strong as Obama’s.

Who will become the Next President?
In Comparison, The Heaven is NOT favoring Obama during the days of Election in 2012 unlike in 2008.
He was the President of United States in 2008 when most of the Transit Planets for him are quite strong, but not for this time.
On the other hand, the Transit Planets for Mitt Romney are on his side, Obviously Strong.
If we are looking into ONLY this, there is a big fat Chance Mitt Romney to become The President.

The Dasa of Obama has changed after the July 2012, He is now in Saturn-Saturn-Saturn until 2013 Jan.
Saturn, as the Lord of H2, while providing him with what he want, even though, with the Natural Characteristic of slow and hardship, he will face many obstacles for sure.
However, using with MOTAA Accumulated Strength for the Dasa Lords, he will get what he is after, with the difficulty.

To confirm this view,
The Benefic Transit Planets are supporting the H2 which is the house of desire, and H11 known as the 'house of Good Fortune' or house of Gain.
To win the competition, the H6, needs good planetary supports and He got it!!!
So, The President Obama will maintain his presidency for Next Term in the Last Minute.

Numan (MOTAA)